Vineyards Events

Enjoy live jazz nights at Vineyards!

Every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm

we offer the sounds of local jazz artists!

We are listed in the top 35 jazz Clubs in Canada

Join us Friday and Saturday for Buck A Shuck Oysters!

All night long from 4pm to 11pm!! Fresh from P.E.I.!!!



Sunday  2nd Doug Moyle
Tuesday  4th Alanna Sterling
Wednesday  5th Vince Rimbauch
Sunday  9th Scott Poll
Tuesday  11th Dave Schroeder
Wednesday  12th Magnus Paulson
Sunday  16th Edwin Gans
Tuesday  18th JP Allain
Wednesday  19th Somerset Combo
Sunday  23rd Doug Martin
Tuesday  25th Greg Stone
Wednesday  26th David Ward
Sunday  30th Bert Waslander
Tuesday  2nd Angele Ramsden
Wednesday  3rd Bernard Stepien
Sunday  7th Alex Moxon
Tuesday  9th Magnus Paulson
Wednesday  10th Peter Lui
Sunday   14th Alex Tomkins
Tuesday  16th Alanna Sterling
Wednesday  17th Pierre Monfils
Sunday  21st Doug Martin
Tuesday  23rd Greg Stone
Wednesday  24th Scott Poll
Sunday  28th Somerset Combo
Tuesday  30th Mike Lett
Wednesday  31st  Peter Woods