54 York Street, originally known as The Bourbridge Building built in 1875 was designed by Architect William Hodgson. From all historical notes we have deemed it’s past occupants to be as diverse as a hotel, an undertaker, a baker, a wholesaler and his family and finally almost 100 years after its construction The Fish Market Group of Restaurants.

In its youth the Bourbridge Building housed a wholesale surplus store owned and operated by a prominent local family. The surplus store and the hotel across the street and the famous Stoney Mondays Pub next door offered the canal workers a haven after spending long periods of time in less favourable conditions.

Within the midst of any set of four walls there is a library of stories and a catalogue of personalities that act as the glue holding it all together. Whether it was the creaky floor board that gave away the trials of our youth or the layers of old wallpaper reminding us of fashions forgotten, these structures house our memories like the rings of an old oak tree.

The building became a part of the Old Fish Market Restaurant chain in 1979 when a massive renovation took place to develop three restaurants; including excavating of Vineyards which had previously been a crawlspace and Coasters which has previously been the home to the Wholesalers family.

In 1997 a few names changes came along; Vines Wine Bar became Vineyards Wine Bar Bistro, Coaster Shellfish Bar became Coasters Seafood Grill and The Old Fish Market Restaurant became The Fish Market Restaurant. Locally owned and operated by Barbara Mireault and her outstanding team of management, the business continues to prosper better than ever.

We are so grateful that you have decided to dine with us and wish you a lovely time.

Bon Appetit & Cheers!